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About us?


ASL Caribe Access is a young agency, but we are by no means newbies. We have more than 18 years of experience in the field of interpretation and translation. After the passage of hurricane María, the earthquakes in the south of the island and the COVID-19 pandemic,

it became more palpable how important communication and access to information is.  In those moments of great need, communication experts, interpreters and translators played a very important role so that help came from equitable and effective manner.


During the Hurricane Maria crisis, as happened to many professionals on the island, we lost our jobs because the lead was taken by foreign companies that did not have their interests fixed on the island. From there the idea of "reinventing" was born and the first foundations were laid to build what you have in front of you. An agency rooted in the island ready to serve a community of friends and family.


We work in several federal, state and private programs during the recovery and reconstruction stages of the island. Now we bring all our experiences and knowledge to provide you with the most complete services in the field of translation and interpretation in English, Spanish and sign language. We provide face-to-face, remote or virtual services, and we create videos in sign language   Our mission is to bring complete access to information to the multilingual community that we have in Puerto Rico.


Where do we provide the services?

We work in different scenarios, legal, medical, technical and specialized.  Our face-to-face services adapt to your needs, whether in an office, at a conference or in a shopping center and other public locations. While our remote and virtual services are adapted to the urgency with which the services are required. Due to its flexibility, you can access our remote and virtual services wherever you have a high-speed internet connection. On the other hand, our video creation services help them anticipate their access needs.

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